HTC Launches its First Metaverse Smartphone

July 4 2022
HTC has launched its first metaverse smartphone, the HTC Desire Pro 22.

HTC has launched the first metaverse smartphone, the HTC Desire 22 Pro,which comes with apps and features that cover crypto, NFT and Web3. The phone will play a major role in its Viverse metaverse and possess a digital marketplace.

In a Nutshell:

  • The HTC Desire 22 Pro is a smartphone that has a strong focus on metaverse features, including a digital marketplace and a built-in crypto wallet.
  • The wallet supports Ethereum and Polygon assets, and will allow users to use their assets in the Viverse app.
  • The Viverse is a metaverse that is still early in development, currently featuring a marketplace, digital avatar customization and a crypto wallet.

What it Means:

  • HTC is hoping to gain an edge in the rapidly growing Web3 and metaverse space. While it doesn’t have the pedigree or success of companies like Samsung and Apple, it is hoping to get a head start in the next generation of technology, and the new smartphone may just give it a boost.
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