Meta to Test NFTs on Facebook

July 4 2022
Meta will test NFTs on Facebook with a select group of creators.

Meta has begun testing NFTs on Facebook, launching several features related to the unique asset. Users of the social media platform can now see a new NFT display option, allowing select creators to work with NFTs.

In a Nutshell:

  • Facebook’s product manager Navdeep Singh also made the announcement on Twitter, sharing screenshots.
  • Features include creating custom NFT posts and a dedicated section to present NFTs that a user owns.
  • There will not be any fees associated with sharing posts that feature a digital collectible.

What it Means:

Meta has already begun testing some NFT features on Instagram, and the addition of Facebook to the experiment shows how serious the company is about the technology. Meta has a large userbase across its products, and introducing NFT features could rope in a whole new swathe of individuals. 

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