Unity and Gala Partner to Bring the VOXVerse

Justin Lee
June 14 2022

Unity Technologies and Gala Games are partnering to create a new metaverse called “VOXverse.” The metaverse is a 3D space that will feature gaming experiences, and will involve the creator of the famous SimCity franchise, Will Wright.

In a Nutshell:

  • The partnership is a $20 million professional services deal that will see Unity use its platform for the VOXverse.
  • VOXverse describes itself as a “living, breathing virtual world.”
  • SimCity creator Will Wright will be involved, though his exact role has not been elaborated on.

What it Means:

  • This could be another huge motivation for incumbent gaming entities to work with metaverse concepts. Gala Games is also set to benefit from this, adding to its already considerable collection of blockchain-based games.
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