Ledger to Build NFT Marketplace and Web3 Platform

Abhi Krishnan
June 28 2022

Crypto hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has revealed that it will build its own NFT marketplace, and also launch a Web3 services platform for businesses. The idea is to support brands and artists manage everything along the NFT creation and distribution pipeline.

In a Nutshell:

  • The company unveiled the Ledger Market NFT marketplace at the NFT.NYC event, saying that security would be one of its biggest features.
  • Businesses that have expressed interest in joining the Web3 platform, called Ledger Enterprise Create, include Tag Heuer, DeadFellaz, and Brick/Babylon.
  • Ledger is also launching a Web3 game called Ledger Quest, which teaches players about NFTs and how to earn revenue through them.

What it Means:

  • Ledger is the latest big-name in crypto to launch its own NFT marketplace. The company revealed a suite of products and services that could have a sizable impact on the market if they prove to have utility and are adopted by creators.
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