Chimpers Invade NYC with Sticker Hunt Event

Abhi Krishnan
June 21 2022

The Chimpers NFT collection has launched an event ahead of the NFT.NYC event. The project posted on twitter that “Master Chimpo” had scattered stickers in places across the city, with one Chimper going to the first one that finds a sticker.

In a Nutshell:

  • The Chimpers project launched an in real life event where stickers were placed in mystery spots all across New York City.
  • The first person to find a sticker will win 1 Chimper. All who find the rest will enter a raffle to win another Chimper.
  • For a hint, Chimpers has posted pictures of places where some stickers could be.

What it Means:

  • The Chimpers NFT collection is growing in popularity and this real world stunt will go some way in raising exposure. The NFT.NYC event is right around the corner as well, and this little treasure hunt of an event is a fun way to segue into NFT’s biggest event of the year.
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