Gods Unchained Game Releases Massive Staking Rewards

July 7 2022
The Gods Unchained NFT collectible game has started its staking program "The Offering of the Gods."

Popular NFT collectible game Gods Unchained has begun to distribute massive rewards to the citizens of its game. The company tweeted that it would release 1 million in GODS to all eligible GU citizens, and that it could be used for staking.

In a Nutshell:

  • The Offering of the Gods is a staking program that benefits players who hold GODS in an ImmutableX wallet that is linked to Gods Unchained; additionally, they must be a player, minter, purchaser or secondary market buyer/seller.
  • Players can stake the GODS token to earn additional rewards, with the ongoing rewards delivered monthly.
  • The 1 million GODS tokens will be distributed over 4 months, after which a new staking program will be designed.

What it Means:

  • Gods Unchained remains one of the most popular NFT collectible games, and this staking mechanism is sure to please current ecosystem members, and attract new ones. NFT game developers are looking at more ways, including some interesting novel reward schemes, to attract new players and tap into the burgeoning market.
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