What's Hot: Kumite NFT Collection

Abhi Krishnan
July 14 2022
The Kumite NFT collection is a novel collection with focus on comic books that is flying under the radar.

Cyberpunk tropes are on top of everyone’s minds - people often like to point out many similarities between the dystopian settings of literature, cinema and video games, and the world in 2022.

The Kumite NFT collection from HeroMaker Studios is weaving the narrative threads of cyberpunk fiction into Web3, with both storytelling and gameplay features. Here, we breakdown the collection, describing the key facts of a new NFT series that has been taking the NFT market by storm this July.

What is the Kumite NFT Collection About?

Designed and released by HeroMaker Studios, the Kumite NFT collection is composed of 9,600 NFTs of a 2D illustrated design. Each fighter has a unique makeup stemming from over 300 traits and a design chest of over 14,000 pieces of hand-drawn art.

Each character comes from one of 24 families - and these families are engaged in a bloody tournament “narrated in real-time and whose outcome will be shaped and dictated by the community.” The tournament is set in 2050, in a world where mega corporations are vying for ultimate power.

Key Details of the Kumite NFT Collection:

  • Number of NFTs: 9,600
  • Floor Price: 0.08 ETH
  • Highest Value: 100 ETH
  • Unique Owners: ~1,500
  • Total Volume: 233 ETH
  • Niche: Gaming

What Do You Get From Holding Kumite NFTs?

Kumite NFTs provide a wide provide variety of benefits to holders, listed below:

  • Derivative and commercial rights for your NFT(s).
  • Access to dapps.
  • An entry ticket into the Kumite Vortex Tournament 2022.
  • Access to the Kumite NFT graphic novels.
  • Airdrops, which include collectibles and trading cards.
  • Staking rewards.
  • Early access to future collections.

The Kumite Ecosystem

HeroMaker Studios has laid out quite an extensive roadmap for the Kumite ecosystem, which includes:

  • A P2E MMO PVE/PVP game.
  • A metaverse arena.
  • Original NFT graphic novels.
  • Virtual trading cards.
  • The Kumite ecosystem will also feature two tokens: a utility token called HMU and a governance token called HMG.
  • Metaverse land purchases.
  • An e-commerce marketplace.

Who’s Behind the Kumite NFT Collection?

Kumite was created by HeroMaker Studios, a technology and entertainment company founded by Gareb Shamus and Scott Donnell.

Shamus is known for making Comic Con the international phenomenon that it is now, and founding Wizard Entertainment. Donnell is an entrepreneur whose body of work includes wellness wearable Hapbee and financial education app GravyStack.

Other team members include Sandi Isaacs, who leads the marketing at HeroMaker Studios; Anwar Hussain, CTO and Web3 aficionado; and Web3 pioneer Nelson Diaz.

Bull Case:

  • HeroMaker Studios is the first Web3 ecosystem for comic books with a vision to create and engage with original character franchises by 2025.
  • Holders are granted IP rights and are allowed to create a derivative NFT project based on the Kumite comic book.
  • According to the Comic Book Market Size, Share & Trends | Analysis report, the comic book market size is projected to grow from $9.21 billion in 2021 to $12.81 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 4.8% during the estimated period. The co-founder, Gareb, is attributed for helping grow the annual event, therefore is well-positioned to leverage his knowledge of the industry to grow the brand.
  • Kumite NFT Roadmap has lots of products lined up, which can add value to the ecosystem.

Bear Case:

  • Kumite NFT is the first of its kind and as such, there is no telling how the market will react to its products.
  • Given that they already have a huge fan base, other well-known comic book publishers like DC Comics and Marvel Comics may potentially gain a sizable share of the market if they choose to release their series through NFT.
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