OpenSea to Switch to Seaport Protocol

Girri Palaniyapan
June 16 2022
OpenSea Seaport protocol.

The OpenSea NFT marketplace has finally switched to its highly anticipated Seaport Protocol, bringing with it a raft of benefits. The Seaport Protocol will enable much lower gas fees, proxy deployment which results in no account initialization fee, and several other benefits.

In a Nutshell:

  • OpenSea has migrated to the new Web3 marketplace protocol Seaport.
  • Seaport will reduce gas fees by an estimated 35%, and eventually allow users to buy multiple NFTs in a single transaction.
  • New information is also available, such as rarity, floor price and the highest offer.

What it Means:

  • Users can expect several advantages with the new protocol, including lower gas costs and a host of usability improvements. This should help the most popular NFT marketplace solidify its position even further.
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