BAYC Co-founder Warns About Social Media Attack

Abhi Krishnan
June 13 2022
Bored Ape

BAYC co-founder Gordon Goner warned the cryptocommunity that there could be an imminent attack on the social media accounts of the popular NFT project. Goner said that an inside source at Twitter helped bypass security.

In a nutshell:

  • Gordon Goner emphasized that there would be no surprise mints, a tactic bad actors have used to phish after compromising social media accounts.
  • BAYC is working with Twitter and actively monitoring accounts.
  • No phishing attacks have taken place yet following the warning, but he warns the community to be alert.

What it Means:

  • Security concerns for NFT projects will increase as project’s deal with the ever-growing threat of phishing attacks through communication channels. BAYC has been subject to multiple attacks across its various social channels, and this is proving to be a thorn in the project’s side.
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